Ingenious Marketing: Samsung Galaxy S Takes on iPhone 4 via Twitter

Aug 03, 2010
Oshyn Labs

Social Media can help business as far as the imagination can stretch. Perhaps this is not too imaginative but its probably what some of us dream of happening when we tweet: a competitor offering a free rescue.

It will be interesting, for sure, to see what the future holds for Samsung’s Galaxy S. It turns out that Samsung has been monitoring Twitter to find disgruntled iPhone 4 users to offer some a FREE Samsung Galaxy. Well at Oshyn we’ve got an eager crew of mobile developers who would probably be eager to check out the device and interface and share their views. Heck they might even be interested in creating some Samsung Galaxy apps if they had a device in hand. Samsung can you hear us? (Well I’ll tweet on Twitter after I’ve published this post).

It will be interesting to find out what iPhone 4 gone Galaxy S think about their new device. This could be a PR win or loose. It’s up for grabs.

Here’s a demo of the Samsung Galaxy S

Well Samsung, hats off to you. This is definitely an interesting development in the social media and mobile realm.