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BlackBerry Slider with Touch

Aug 04, 2010
Oshyn Labs

I love my BlackBerry. Although Oshyn develops some pretty cool Android and iPhone / iPad apps I went the BlackBerry route after friends from grad school made a pact that we'd keep in touch from our many countries via BBM (BlackBerry Messenger). We do by the way....though our couple of friends in the UAE are being cut-off. 

But today I'm wondering how I will upgrade my BlackBerry to the latest model: Blackberry Torch. I often giggle as iPhone users try to touch my BlackBerry screen to enter in their number or whatever. No sorry my BlackBerry Curve is not THAT exciting. But today RIM announced the BlackBerry Torch which has touch AND a slider plus the new OS BlackBerry 6. News has it that the new OS really ups the ante on the UI. Yay! 

Hopefully the new UI will inspire more BlackBerry apps. If you think BlackBerry is crap and I should be using an iPhone, feel free to contact me - I'll give you my shipping address and you can send me one! LOL That said, looking at Kindle prices and iPad I am contemplating getting an iPad but feel free to send me one: I'll even blog about it!

Don't get me wrong, I like Apple. I'm onto my second iPod. I carry a small hand bad and often find myself on foot - so its small size is super convenient plus if it falls the chances of breaking are slim. My BlackBerry Curve has had a few tumbles and has lived to see the light of day. But feel free to comment below and tell me why I should switch to iPhone and abandon my BlackBerry ways...

New BlackBerry Torch

This video demonstrates the new features quite well - but there's no sound. Just letting you know! 

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