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iPhone 4G? Next Generation iPhone Found in Bar

May 21, 2010
Oshyn Labs

Well it’s all over the news “Next Generation iPhone Found in Bar”. Before I share the features revealed by Gizmodo. This marketer must ask, “Did an Apple employee really leave their disguised next generation in a bar? And in that bar someone found it and started playing around with it knowing for sure that it was the new Operating System and that the employee who apparently ‘lost’ it realized this and reported their phone missing to Apple HQ so Apple could remotely turn disable the new operating system? Sounds like a leak à la marketing stunt to me!

Yeah ok. I’m a geeky marketer that likes conspiracy theories.

According to there’s a front-facing camera to enable video chat. The rear-facing camera has an improved lens and flash. It has a Micro-SIM like the iPad. It also apparently has improved resolution, possibly a noise-cancelling microphone, smaller interior components to make room for a larger battery as well as slight aesthetic changes to the exterior design.

I’m still a Blackberry girl that plays music on an wee little ishuffle. We’ll see what I think when my contract expires or someone is feeling “gifty”.

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