How Revolutionary is the iPad?

Apr 01, 2010
Oshyn Labs

My first thought about the ipad was that it was going to be pretty funny to watch movies through scores of fingerprints. I was excited when I first got my hands on a netbook, but I found it was too small to do most of the things I need and having multiple devices just kind of defeats the purpose. It will be interesting to see how the ipad affects the sale of netbooks which are frequently sold “free” with a data services contract from mobile providers. Yet, there’s no doubt the ipad is revolutionary at 1.5 pounds and ½ an inch thick! 

iPad Time Magazine

Check out the Time magazine iPad unveiling.

There are already a plethora of iPad apps on iTunes. Interestingly, on of the iPad apps is a Kindle app. Kindle costs $259 and the entry price is $499. Kindle is a little lighter and thinner – but it would seem that the ipad might have a longer term value since you can do so much more on it than read books. Mashable reported today that ABC and CBS will stream TV shows on the ipad for FREE!  

Will the iPad find its way into the Enterprise?

ReadWriteWeb just posted an interesting article about the Enterprise security concerns of the ipad. Dimitris Haramoglis of Cisco asks “Are higher education wireless networks going to be overwhelmed by bandwidth intensive Internet video downloads when iPad carrying students take a break from studying, or for that matter are studying by streaming lecture video on their new mobile device?”  Brad Werner wrote on Microsoft’s blog that perhaps it could offer benefits for those using SharePoint in enterprises that need mobility. It will definitely be interesting to monitor the use of iPad adoption. Brad Werner might just be right. There could be a lot of opportunity to develop Enterprise iPad applications.

iPad Prototype
iPad Prototype
(CC) Brian Solis. Feel free to use this picture. Please link back to the original picture on Flickr and credit as shown above. 

There’s been a guy camped out in front of an Apple store in NYC since Tuesday – first in line for an ipad

So what do you think? Will the security concerns stop Enterprise from stocking up on iPads? Or does it present yet another way to make work more efficient and lighter on the arms?