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Valuable Sitecore Tips

Feb 26, 2010
Oshyn Labs

by Gaurav Bhatt

Just finished developing yet another site in Sitecore and am working on a list of best practices whitepaper to create a website using Sitecore CMS 6.1. I thought I'd share my immediate thoughts through a quick blog post so here you go. These are valuable tips for your Sitecore implementation.

1. Avoid hard-coded text and images: Always store this sort of information in content items and/or Dictionary items and use the Preview feature to visualize the renderings. This definitely allows for better usability and Internationalization.

2. Store data templates in project (and section) specific folders. It also helps keep all the common and reusable templates in one Folder. This definitely simplifies the whole process of managing templates when the site grows over time.

3. Of course, practicing all .NET best practices when developing in Sitecore is definitely a plus.

Have a bunch more to share and will include many usefuly tips and tricks using Sitecore. Till then, have fun coding.