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Useful SOA Bookshelf

Jan 12, 2010
Shawn Simon

My Professional Library is speaking out! A listing of print resources new and old, they made it to my top shelf. Some have dropped off the list and new ones added, but all together, this compilation should prove to be very valuable to those of you who still read. However, I don't believe the Kindle will be of much help with these reference materials - get the real thing. My hope is to one day, provide some short reviews on each with my personal SOA flare, but for now - trust me or lean on Amazon.

SOA Technical

The technical know-how books vital to SOA design and implementation.

SOA Business

The business-savvy books that help illuminate the value proposition.

SOA Ancillary

Some related material that I have found quite helpful for integration challenges.

SOA Foundational

SOA is chuck-full of standards. Here are some key groundwork type of material.