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Technology Really Can Save Lives: iPhone App

Jan 25, 2010
Oshyn Labs

Like many people, I have been keeping in tune with the latest news in Haiti. Working for Oshyn, I have adopted a technology can change the world mentality. Working in marketing, I have the privilege of working with almost everyone at Oshyn, to understand what makes our technology so cool, instant messaging with developers about their recent breakthroughs, new technologies they’ve uncovered, advancements they’ve made. It’s really hard to work with our team and NOT believe that technology CAN change the world.

So, I was really excited to read a story on about a guy that saved his own life by referring to the iPhone app on his iPhone. The iPhone app from the American Heart Association, provided him with info on how to deal with his injuries. He didn’t need net access; by having installed this iPhone app, he had the info readily accessible. Through the iPhone app he was able to learn how to best stop bleeding. He also learned that since he was likely in shock, he should try not to sleep. That’s pretty hard when you’re exhausted amongst a pile of rubble! So Dan Woolley set his iPhone alarm for every 20 minutes to make sure if he dozed off, he would be quickly reawakened.

Yes, I did well in my 11th grade Computer Science class; I am luckily able to understand the ingenious developments of my colleagues at Oshyn. But it is stories like this that reinforce to me their passion. Technology powers our world. And it is these guys who sit in front of their laptops and relentlessly write code and test and constantly seek a better way, a better technology, a process not yet defined, who give us the latest breakthroughs. And reading this story on CNN, I am reminded of a documentary I watched back in the very early 90s in Canada which stated that in the near future people would not rely on their home phone number: people would have a personal number via a personal mobile device. But who knew that such mobile devices would be able to hold life-changing applications? So I think I have reason to say, technology really can change lives.

It seems like a good understanding of technology or at least web-technology should become a standard part of curriculums. Why? Because no matter what your profession, no matter what your position, no matter what your company, technology can make it better.