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Quotes on Social Media 2010

Jan 27, 2010
Oshyn Labs
Some interesting perspectives on social media and how it will evolve in 2010:

With so much information and communication unencumbered by time, geography or borders, how we filter and organize the massive amounts of content and social interactions will be key to improving the social web ecosystem and making it more usable and useful in 2010. Whichever company(s), community(s) or person(s) who crack this puzzle will be the big winners in the next generation of the social web ecosystem. Bert DuMars, Newell Rubbermaid (via

Social media in 2010 will cease being the shiny new object and instead, become part of the everyday lexicon of business. The technology will begin to fade into the background so that people can focus on the relationships that are created because of the technologies, not the technologies themselves. Charlene Li, Altimeter Group (via
We�re going to see an explosion of things that use location. FourSquare points the way there with a game that you check in where you are. It then shows you useful things to do nearby. As more people come into it and more cities get turned on in the application, we�ll see rapid adoption. Robert Scoble, Rackspace (via

Big companies will allocate big bucks to social. Until very recently I had a hard time convincing a company of any size to spend more than $10k directly on social media marketing and outreach. Now I personally know many companies that are spending $1MM or more on social in 2010. One very large, very well known company (that I have no association with professionally or personally) recently announced to internal department heads that they will be allocating 10% of 2009 marketing dollars to social in 2010. Matt Singley, M80 (via

Twitter will become finally the pace maker for application interfaces. Unlike the thousands of gadgets on Facebook, the more than 2,000 applications for Twitter are actually integrated applications - more than twice as many as for in just 2 years. Axel Schultze, Social Media Academy (via