Google Nexus Arrives

Jan 05, 2010
Oshyn Labs
There has been much tweeting about Google�s new darling lately. Some wondered of course if the Google Nexus was �for real�. Oh yes!

I recently purchased my BlackBerry, and love it. But then I am BBM-ing with people from around the globe�so it�s a tough sell to get me on another device BBM (BlackBerry Messenger) allows BlackBerry owners around the world to BBM each other � essentially for free.

But in case my BlackBerry breaks�I�ll be keeping an eye on the Nexus. I�m sure drivers in Los Angeles will be thrilled with the voice-to-text, voice-to-email and yes�voice-to-Facebook features.

The phone is only available online from Google but can be purchased in locked for $180 using T-Mobile (and soon Verizon in the USA and Vodafone in Europe). An unlocked phone costs $530.

Some are talking of it being an iPhone killer. Some say its not an iPhone killer, it just simply adds to consumer choice. Google stresses that the �openness� of Google Nexus should be the focus.

An image overview of the Google Nexus can be read here:,1206,l=247258&a=247257,00.asp

Will you be jumping on the Nexus wagon? What do you think about development of apps for Nexus�will this be the new �thing� for developers in 2010?