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2010 Key Investments in Online Marketing

Jan 27, 2010
Oshyn Labs
  • Marketing Automation � Ideally built-in to the CMS
  • Better Analytics
  • Ability to easily create new landing pages
  • A/B testing � Multivariate Testing
  • Email marketing
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Mobile Applications
  • APIs or Mashups
  • Lead Generation

Your website can be an essential lead generation tool. Because of many factors like the economy, social media networking, greater smartphone adoption and inbound marketing � 2009 was perhaps the year the website grew up and came into its own, cementing itself as an indispensible marketing engine. For many companies that realized this, there are big questions to answer. How to make the website more engaging? How to rank higher than competitors? For many one of the biggest problems lies in figuring out how to determine factors such as �likeliness to convert�, �how to keep visitors on the site for longer�, �what causes visitors to leave the site�. Many companies have software that captures good data about visitor�s activities, but often does not capture and centralize all of the user�s activities (How they came to the website, which page they visited or which forms they completed). Being able to see how much a visitor interacted with your website, can give you clues as to that visitor�s level of interest and/or area of interest � better equipping your sales teams ability to close a sale and enabling marketing to better understand what information prospect want. If the website�s conversion rate is low, you can test pages, or understand how visitors are navigating the site and perhaps get a better understanding of what triggers their exit. The good news is that now this kind of information is available in some Content Management Systems.