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Implementing Sitecore - from all perspectives

Nov 24, 2009
Gaurav Bhatt

So I mentioned some Valuable Sitecore tips in my blog post last week. And I started thinking about various perspectives that make a content management system really successful. Plus, I also got several requests to post some more information, so am finally getting around writing some more stuff that can help you Sitecore guys out there.

A background in .NET does help in evaluating a .NET CMS from different perspectives and its really important to think from the actual client's perspective and understand that a CMS implementation is only successful if it has been completely accepted by the business users and the technology team.

Start thinking about your site from a Business perspective and adopt consistent naming procedures for standard fields. This does really come from lots of practice and seeing your site from a business perspective. Your goal is to not only make all the features on your site work but you should also be thinking about the site from your business users' perspective so they are able to make content changes without having to figure out what every field in every template means. From a coding standpoint, this practice also helps in tremendous code reuse, if done correctly.

Just this improvement can go a long way in making your site successful for your technology team, your business users in getting comfortable with the Content management system and also your end users in getting the functionality they need.