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Sitecore - NET Web Content Management

Oct 20, 2009
Gaurav Bhatt

So I just finished setting up a website on Sitecore 6.1. I've worked with several .NET Content Management Systems in the past before but none comes even slightly close to leveraging the features of .NET 3.5 as much as Sitecore does. Multiple sites can be set up and running in Sitecore with an ease and its really a product designed for a distributed Web presence.

Sitecore includes the capacity to manage content on multiple websites directly and cost-effectively. It is hosted on the server and doesn't rely on client-side browsers, and thus simplifies ongoing maintenance and support costs. Sitecore delivers a Web-based user experience along with extensive workflow functions that are adapted to this distributed web presence.

Sitecore can really expand a company's Web presence beyond a single website. The tech group can implement a single instance of Sitecore and proceed to manage content for multiple lines of business. These can either be unique sites (with unique URLs) or many micro-sites maintained within a larger site. They can centralize and control the technical operations of the WCM application, while enabling line-of-business groups to work in their own way and produce content as they see fit for their target audiences. Each operational business unit manages the content on its own site, implementing its own templates and organizing content to meet the needs of its own clientele.

With some background and knowledge of Sitecore CMS, all of this is very easy to set up and get it running in no time. I discover new and exciting features about Sitecore every day and will keep the post coming as i learn more.