Global Content Management Crisis

Sep 11, 2009
Oshyn Labs
CMSWire discussed a report today which indicates that:
  • 35% of companies surveyed have more than 10 websites
  • 50% of those are published in over 5 languages
  • 78% of CMS content authors are marketers
  • 66% of those surveyed are frustrated by the time required to manage websites
  • 20% complain about language barriers and content translation
A report by Forrester in January 2009 indicated that, �The respondents indicated they plan to continue to invest in WCM initiatives, with an emphasis on customer experience support, despite the current economic turmoil. Dissatisfaction with current WCM initiatives remains, largely driven by lack of IT and business alignment, unrealistically high expectations, and corporate politics.� In the report 72% of the 261 respondents indicated they planned to increase WCM deployments or usage this year. The top reasons cited for pursuing WCM: improved customer service and cost savings. Only 29% reported being satisfied or very satisfied with their implementation. 36% indicated the WCM chosen did not live up to their expectations.

Jim Pott from reported on his blog that: �So what improvements do people want out of their WCM system? The top three, according to the report, are �Integration with other enterprise applications or content repositories�, �interfaces for content contributors�, and �management of multiple sites and/or environments� which is tied for third with �workflow�.�

A little CMS humor: