Why You Should Use iPhone Apps in Marketing

Aug 18, 2009
Oshyn Labs
The first question that comes to mind for many marketers is � how would I use an iPhone app? What kind of app could I design that would be useful or fun for iPhone users? Well that clearly depends on your precise client�but you should definitely start seriously looking at the usage habits and loyalty to the iPhone.
According to MarketingProfs.com, iPhone users are more loyal than Blackberry users.
�iPhone users outpace other smartphone owners in their use of a wide variety of phone functions�ranging from Internet and email to music, Wi-Fi and GPS,� says MarketingProfs. For more statistics follow the link above.
To get users to engage in using your app, you need to think of what problem you are going to be solving. Is it boredom? Is it a nutrition count? Is it a way to calculate something?
Some ideas from the iPhone App store:
  1. Etiquette Avenue � explains proper etiquette for many business situations
  2. Toddler Flashcards � yes it helps the wee ones learn basic words
  3. NYC Subway map � forget the paper!
  4. Documents to Go � lets you open MS Office files on your iPhone
  5. Citibank, Bank of America, Chase and Wells Fargo � all have mobile banking apps for iPhone
  6. iXpenslT l- lets you keep track of all your expenses on the go

These all solve a �problem� for the consumer. Many people think of iPhone apps as games, but clearly its just a matter of figuring out how to help your consumers on the go.
Personally, I think that sales organizations can do a lot by creating demos that their sales people can �show� on the fly. There are many instances that we are meeting people and talking about what we do � but sometimes we don�t want to see a presentation. We want to quickly visualize the fit. The possibilities are endless.