Javascript in Chrome

Aug 20, 2009
Oshyn Labs
When Google Chrome launched I immediately took it for a test drive. Previously I was a die hard Firefox user. But I�m one for finding ways to keep things from crashing (a result of driving in Los Angeles). And if you ever saw how I multi-task you�d understand why crashing browsers are a pain.

People keep asking me why I use Chrome and I�d simply say � it�s better. Well cosmetically it�s a cleaner view with less buttons. When one tab crashes or freezes it�s isolated from the rest of the tabs. And it uses up less RAM which is great for those of us who need to upgrade their desktop�s RAM. (And yes there is a very good reason for why I love my desktop.) Plus the tabs are easier to move around, allowing you to have multiple browser sessions with various tabs.

Yeah ok...but what about the javascript??

Test Drive the Google Chrome Experiments in FireFox and Chrome and see how they differ. The Chrome experiments were created by designers and programmers using the latest open standards (HTML5, Canvas, SVG, etc.). Javascript runs faster in Chrome.

Here's a video speed test comparison

What do you think? Comments anyone?