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The Apple iPhone Application is the new must for business

Jul 20, 2009
Brian Clark

iPhone applications (app for short) have had a huge increase in numbers on iTunes and Apples App Store, in fact thousands of iPhone apps are released every week. With so many applications coming out for the Apple iPhone just about every major business it seems like iPhone apps, and mobile apps in general, are the new must have, right next to the website and customer service line. Apple with iTunes and the iPhone have introduced themselves in a major way to the mobile market, and now it seems like every new technology phone is trying to follow Apple�s iPhone example. It�s been many years since a very successful business did not need to have a website to support their company in one shape or form but is this the way of the future with mobile applications?  

The iPhone has started a trend that allows businesses a direct connection, and optional extra sales line, to customers owning the iPhone.  Based in its popularity, and every phone company following close behind with their own line of apps, for their high end phones, the app is definitely the next must for companies. 

Living in this age of technology communication with customers through every point in their lives is becoming easier and more valuable.  Companies like Pizza Hut with their ordering app (tying itself into the already popular online purchasing site), Wells Fargo / Bank of America / etc. with their mobile banking (connects with their online logging to give account information and company information.), radio stations (listen through the iphone), and Universities mobile helper apps (keeping students up to speed with courses, classes, campus maps, class locations, etc.) , the list of companies taping into this market goes on and on, all have clients that may want access to the provided information at any time or access to purchase a product at any time.  

Is it worth the cost for companies to build apps for their services?  The good thing about apps providing information or services of their associated company is they don�t need to be over complicated or elaborate.  With the small screen and direct connection to the internet it is best to just highlight the areas you want to and not over build your application with services and information not relevant to them.  After all it�s these small additions that add major value to customers which means less work to build and less costs to have built.

Do customers expect this sort of mobile connection to their goods and service?  Why not!  It�s quick, easy and convenient for us to just access our phone, that is always with us or at least close by, and get the information we want or need about some form of service or product we plan on purchasing or may already have purchased.  A mass number of people are switching to phones that accept applications which is leading to a major increase in the amount of companies with applications going out to stay competitive.  This gets me wondering when I am out if there is a mobile version of the sites or services I use regularly.  Whether it�s checking my account balance, finding houses for sale in the area, finding a location on a university map, or any other task I might do; they almost always seems easier to do on my phone.  Who wants to go to a computer for something quick and simple that your phone could do in less time.  If you can do it on your computer its possible you will soon be doing it from your phone instead.