Offering iPhone Applications Benefits and Cases

Apr 30, 2009
Jorge Tapia

Many of today�s leading companies are developing and incorporating iPhone applications into their product lines as a means of Brand Promotion and to give their customers/clients an easy and innovative way to interact with other technology-based products such as websites, intranets, social networks, etc.

Most Relevant Benefits include:

Brand promotion: iPhone Applications offer great and innovative ways to increase brand awareness. The iPhone Applications give end-consumers increased opportunities to interact with products and technology.

Large target audience: iPhone�s popularity continues to rise in the US and around world. Many iPhone users want to install additional software to their iPhones and to fully take advantage of their device�s capabilities.

Fast interaction: iPhone�s intuitive and friendly UI makes it very easy and fun to interact with well-designed and developed applications; giving them incentive to spread the word to their contacts, increasing the target audience.


-Facebook for iPhone-
Facebook, the largest social network on the web offers its users a very easy-to-use application to interact with its components, profile, pictures, friends, messaging and posts from any location with internet access. Facebook popularity is constantly increasing, as well as traffic generated by their service.
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Zippo Virtual Lighter
Zippo, a world-class lighter manufacturer, created a very fun application in an effort to promote their brand and product offerings to the general audience. The virtual lighter lets the user customize a Zippo lighter, from color to pattern. The user can then �use� the lighter, opening it in the many ways a Zippo lighter can be opened; and of course lighting it up. The flame moves depending on the position the iPhone is held, with a very realistic visual.
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Ebay, one of the world�s largest websites, focuses on online shopping and auctions. Ebay launched an iPhone application to allow users to; access their accounts, buy, and sell products. It places the world�s largest online marketplace at their fingertips anywhere the users go.
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Oshyn's 15
Oshyn's Fifteen is based on the classic 15-Puzzle game. This FREE game allows you to test your puzzle solving skills.Increase or decrease your range of difficulty with the games scrambling features. Use your own photos from your iPhone / iPod or choose one of the many provided to you. Fun and exciting puzzle game for anyone at any age.
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