Enterprise SOA and MOA Architecture Overview

Jan 28, 2009
Shawn Simon

The Four Phases to an Enterprise Service Orientied Architecture.


PHASE 1 - But notice the 4 horizontals, which when smashed together give us what we could call MOA.

     Add in the middle and you have full-blown SOA.  (BTW, just the top most bar is what is considered WOA).

PHASE 2 - In the middle you have CORE SOA services (every knows this : CRUD)

PHASE 3 � then you add the my layers for Value-Added SOA: ROI, TCO and extensibility.

PHASE 4 � you get the Enterprise SOA: this is overcoming the challenges of integration (four verticals on side).

Obviously, you can add UDDI and SSL around the whole thing and get World-Wide SOA.

BTW, Fuse fits this nicely.

  1. Active MQ -  Message Driven Platform
  2. XML � Common Data Model (we should pick a XML repository too like Apache Xindice or SF Exist)
  3. Service Mix � Process Execution Platform
  4. CXF - Interface Management
  5. CXF � Core Services
  6. Camel � Value Add Services